The cold did not bite my skin tonight, rather the coolness of the wind wrapped itself around me- a weathery blanket. The evening was perfect for a stroll. I would say I walked to clear my head, but I did to escape reality.
I had saddened Him again today. I had taken for granted, the emotions that flowed through Him towards me.  I thought that would never happen again, but it did. The look on His face had shattered me, leaving behind, only emptiness.
We had come far, day after day, opening new doors, learning more of each other.  Or rather, I was learning more of Him- He seemed to know all of me.
Yesterday, I had laughed until my insides burned, caring nothing for the stares I received from onlookers. He knew just what to say, His words carrying across, His feelings for me, His only desire, to see…

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