this is just a beautiful and apt description of redemption…


What’s it?
Does it have a meaning?
Can it be understood?
Can it be independent of my environment?

I tried-To be happy

I dated, waited, drank, cracked
It did not come
And when it did
It did not stay

Is something wrong with me?

Is it peculiar to person?
Is there some other way?
I would know
For I’ve tried one too many ways

No lasting happiness in any

Oh wait!
There’s One
One way I haven’t tried
Not in a while anyway

Not in a long while

When I did try, I was happiest
But then I left
Well, I’m going back now
I’m worn out, tired

I can’t turn back now

That way promised to never close up
To remain ever open
Even in my unfaithfulness
That beautiful way

I remember that way, that way, Jesus

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